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I am a picky shopper- only purchasing items that I intend to wear regularly for at least a full season. Today I started thinking about my essentials and 13 of them are accessories and they are under $100!


Look of the Day

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When I am in London, I like to shop at stores that we don’t have in the US; & Other Stories is usually my first stop.

“Stories” is a Swedish concept (part of the H&M group, but decidedly independent)- you can think of it like a Scandi Zara.

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Their most recent co-lab with Lykke Li is in stores now. I am a sucker for designer collaborations but this one is a little different as Lykke Li is not a “designer” but a musician. (If the name is not ringing a bell, you probably remember her 2007 hit, “Little Bit.”)

Likke Li, and other stories, amber venz, venzedits

Lykke Li, &Other Stories,

lykke li, & other stories

If you need a new wardrobe and are looking to dress like a Scandinavian fashion editor, purchase the entire collection- it is all VE approved and very reasonably priced.

Camo in the city

Look of the Day

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